Breeder of the Cats is a person who loves cats and has the interest, time and ability in breeding their cats. The owner of the cats both sire and dam must be legal and be able to prove of the ownership.

2.1 A cat breeder must have at least a pair of cats with the same breed.
2.2 It must provide adequate feeding, hosting and general care of the cats.
2.3 The cattery where the cat runs have to be adequate in size and protection against the heat, cold and drafts.
2.4 It should allow enough natural daylight and be maintained in good state of repair and standard hygiene.
2.5 It is recomended if possible, the cats should have access to a secure garden enviroment.
2.6 Regular human contact and socialization must be provided, as well as the encouragement of natural cat behaviour like, scratching, hiding and playing in the cattery area.

Cattery is a place where cats are bred.
3.1 The breeder must register as WCF cattery with WCF Malaysia – SCBA
3.2 All information such as the name of breeder, address, breeds, etc. have to be current and updated as soon as there are changes to WCF Malaysia – SCBA
3.3 The breeder/cattery has to follow the WCF and WCF Malaysia – SCBA breeding rules and the local government laws concerning the protection of animals, including the commercial registration of the cattery and breeding, where required.

4.1 Pedigree LO
Pedigree LO or Livre d’Origine is a Pedigree Cat Breed has been recognized and has at least 3 generations recorded/registered.
4.2 Pedigree RIEX
Pedigree RIEX or Registre Initial et Experimental is a pedigree with
cat as follows:
4.2.1 Cat Parent Unknown, Mandatory Pedigree Issuance
through the assessment of at least 2 International All Breed Judges and
to be declared or terminated as a breed/a certain color pattern subject to the evaluation of the Judges.
4.2.2 Cat Parents of different Breeds up to a minimum of 4
4.2.3 Cat Parent is a Breed that has not been Recognized in WCF.
4.2.4 One of the Parents or Descendants above is a Breed
which has not been recognized by the WCF.
4.2.5 Colors and Patterns of the Cats and/or breeds above it at least 4
Generations are colors and patterns that have not been recognized in WCF.
4.2.6 In 4 Generations of Descendants above him in Cross Breed status
still a cat in Foundation status or still registered in
appendix Cities.
4.2.7 In 4 Generations shows/displays Impossible
in genetic calculations
4.3 Pedigree Must be Signed by the Breeder
4.4 Pedigree Must be Signed by the Owner specifically for
Pedigree Transfer

5.1 Except in special circumstances, female cats may not be bred /
pregnant under nine months of age.
5.2 Cats should not become pregnant more than twice in a 12 month period.
5.3 Cats with Sectio Cesaria process should not get pregnant within 2
Years (24 Months).
5.4 Kittens may be transferred or adopted after a minimum age
3 months (12 weeks) to make sure the cat can survive (survival)
without parents / Parent.

7.1 Cats with Pedigree from WCF Outside Malaysia If it has a sticker
hologram then it is mandatory:

7.1.1 If Pedigree has the owner’s name listed in accordance with the ownership
Cattery then the Pedigree is to reported by sending the scan copy of the Pedigree to: with subject Cattery Name, Cat Name.

7.1.2 If Pedigree has not listed the owner’s name, it is mandatory
apply for a Certificate of Ownership.

7.2 Cats with Pedigree from WCF Outside Malaysia which do not have a hologram then
must apply for Hologram Installation.

7.3 Cats with Pedigree from the World Cat Congress Organization (WCC) and Affiliates
must apply for a Pedigree Transfer.

7.4 Cats with Pedigree from Local Organizations/Clubs can be Transfer
with certain terms and conditions (Through Strict Verification)

7.5 Points 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 after filling out the form then pedigree
The original is sent to the WCF Malaysia – SCBA Office for further verification.

7.6 Application for New Pedigree for kitten starting minimum age of 2 Months.

7.7 The cattery is required to register the cat independently at

8.1 Electronic Marker or Microchip must be installed on the cat

8.2 Electronic Marker or Microchip code must inform to WCF Malaysia – SCBA by sending the code to: with subject Cattery Name, Cat Name, Microchip Code

8.2 Electronic Marker or Microchip should be installed before the cat leave to the adopter.

Vaccination of Cats and Kittens is carried out regularly and continuously according to
with Malaysia Animal Health Standards.

Before handing over to the adopter, the kitten / cat must be brought to the
Veterinary Clinic or Veterinarian that opens a licensed practice for inspection
Health and fill in the Health Checkup Form.

11.1 Kittens / Cats are in good health proven by a letter of
health description from the Veterinarian.

11.2 Kittens / Cats have received Vaccination according to age
and animal health standards in Malaysia

11.3 If the Pedigree has been submitted and the name has not been listed in the Pedigree
adopter as the owner, then the Breeder is required to apply
transfer ownership certificate or Transfer Ownership Certificate.

11.4 The name of the Adopter / New Owner must be registered with the Indonesian Cat Council.

12.1 Experimental breeding can only be done with a written permission to WCF Malaysia – SCBA

12.2 It is subject to Special Terms and Special Conditions.

13.1 Joint Breeding can only be done among cattery members registered with WCF Malaysia – SCBA

13.2 Joint Breeding must be approved by WCF Malaysia – SCBA

13.3 The breeder fills out the form that has been provided and
email it to the WCF Malaysia – SCBA

13.4 Breeders are not allowed to open commercial breeding services
in exchange for a certain amount of money.

14.1 Golden Cats are prohibited mating with Silver Cats

14.2 For Breeding Golden Cats, are recomended to breed with golden category cats.
Breeding with cats of other colors are not recommended

14.3 For Breeding Silver Cats, are recomended to breed with silver category cats.
Breeding with cats of other colors are not recommended

15.1 Mating between Scottish Fold / Highland Fold x Scottish Fold / Highland Fold is not permitted.
15.2 It is not permitted to breed British Shorthair / Longhair and Scottish / Highland Fold
15.3 It is only permitted to use British Shorthair / Longhair and Scottish / Highland Straight for Scottish breeding
15.4 It is not permitted to register kittens with straight ears as British Shorthair / Longhair. They must be registered as Scottish / Highland Straight, and it is not permitted to use these kittens for breeding British Shorthair / Longhair

The purpose of the Show is so that the Breeder / Owner gets knowledge about
Standard Breed, Standard Breeding and other knowledge.
16.1 Breeder/Owner is recommended to join the Show held by
WCF Malaysia – SCBA or Show organized by the World Organization
Cat Congress (WCC) and its Affiliates.

16.2 Points show results from the World Cat Congress Organization (WCC) and its Affiliates are not can be accumulated with World Cat Federation points.

16.3 Points and Ratings can be viewed at

16.4 Cats in the Show are in good health.

16.5 Cats Show Participants must have a Microchip installed.

16.6 Rules and Show Classes according to the rules of the World Cat Federation.

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