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WCF Malaysia by SCBA (MY-0374)
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World Cat Federation (WCF) as WCF Full Member
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About World Cat Federation (WCF)

The World Cat Federation eV, just WCF, is an international association of cat clubs, which is registered in Germany. There are 280 organizations worldwide associated to WCF. President is currently Anneliese Hackmann from Essen. The WCF has been successfully working on the development of animal protection laws in European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The rainbow is a symbolic bridge between the 6 continents on which the WCF is established. It signifies acceptance of the diversity of life together with the common bond of love of cats. That is what makes the WCF so special.

WCF Responsibility

International registration of cattery names

Implementation of show rules and show classes

Education, training and examination of international judges

Care for international connections

Standardization of the various cat breeds

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